Why Do We Need to Celebrate A Birthday?

Why Do We Need to Celebrate A Birthday?
Why Do We Need to Celebrate A Birthday?

How should we celebrate birthday occasions? It is good to thank whatever you have in life as well as what you have already accomplished. But we need to open our eyes in the larger picture. If we have to appreciate the fruits of life, then we need to appreciate the tree that results in sweet fruits and the birthday is the best day to celebrate the same.

The beginning of your life is birth. Your born day gives you the chance to fulfill your unique mission as it acts as the window as the lifetime chance. A momentous occasion is the birthday wishes to be memorized as an occasion at a national level and it is required to celebrate the day on which you have organized yourself every year to year. But it is not only meant for receiving gifts but it is just much more than that. It is a very mesmerizing and big opportunity to commemorate the day and give a huge thanks to all the people who helped you to accomplish whatever you want to be. A major event happened on this special day and give you birth to appear in this beautiful and full of colors world. Then you have to shed light on what you have done and what you want to fulfill.

The time is going like a spiral and something better as well as out of the box happens on your born day every year. Your existence on this planet built a lot of relationships and the day you were born. Two people feel a very special bond juts because your and others got a new relationship with you as a sibling, friend, a colleague and a lover as well. A lot of things changed just because of your birth and a great difference felt by many people at a single point in time. 

Moreover, you work your best for the whole year and you deserve to have a day that is only for you and not anyone else. Maybe you study hard, work for long hours, work hard to pay expenses and you need a short break from such strict schedules. There is no hard and fast rule that you can’t give a single day to the enjoyment and have fun with kith and kin. It is your day. 

You have gone through a lot of ups and downs and it is time to overcome from such tough times. However, you have done some bad and good on the other side too. Mistakes may be there. Now, the day has come when you have to wave goodbye to all the goods as well as bad things. Motivate yourself to tackle all such adventures and stay positive strongly. 

Hopefully, all these reasons are enough to motivate anyone whosoever never interested in birthday wishes and take it as a normal day. Don’t follow the daily routine, buddy as it is your birthday and only comes once a year.                                     

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