What Are Massage Guns: Benefits, Contraindications, And Tips For Use

massage gun
massage gun

Massage guns are one of the most popular accessories among fitness professionals and amateurs. They are usually used both before training, getting the muscles ready to perform the exercise, and after training to recover better.

 The popularity of percussive massages is also explained because there are devices on the market at very affordable prices

What are muscle massage guns?

Percussion therapy is a massage technique based on the use of a massage gun to treat deep muscle tissue that triggers a neuromuscular response.

 Muscle massage guns are aesthetically very similar to nail guns used upholstery and woodwork. They have a head, generally interchangeable, that performs a very fast vertical strike that allows it to reach the deep tissue of the muscles.

Do you have any contraindications?

Applied judiciously and whether it is used personally or by a professional, it is difficult for any type of adverse effect to occur when using the massage guns. 

Obviously, it is best to find out not only about percussion therapy itself but about massage in general before using it. 

Thus, for example, it would be inadvisable to apply it for too long or to apply it to a damaged muscle, not using the proper heads, not carrying out maintenance on the device, etc. Nor should they be considered a substitute for visits to the physiotherapist, especially in the injury recovery process.

 The most important thing, in short, is to use these devices with common sense, applying the vibration only to the recommended parts of the body, without exceeding the stipulated time. 

In the case of hot models, do not apply an excessive temperature for too long, and be sure to use the protection included in these guns.

How do best massage guns uk work?

Massage guns perform rapid movements, making their head hit the muscle and reaching the deeper layers. 

The beating must always be carried out vertically so that the device is perpendicular to our body. There are three parameters that must be specially taken care of: the depth of the hit, the frequency of the impacts, and the intensity of the pressure exerted on the muscle. 

The combination of these three characteristics is what makes the percussion massage reach the deepest layers of the muscle.

When should I use the massage gun?

The percussion gun massage can be done both before the exercise, acting as a preparation for the muscles (since it improves circulation) and after it to improve recovery (reduces soreness and improves lymphatic drainage). Regarding the frequency of use, it must be “on-demand”, that is, depending on the needs and characteristics of each individual and the activity carried out.

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