Top 8 Most Romantic Destination In India For Anniversary Celebration

best places to visit for anniversary in india
best places to visit for anniversary in India

Romantic Destination In India: The anniversary comes once a year. This is which belongs to both of you. This is the day when you both become one by tie Knott. People do lots of things to make this day special. Some couples throw a big anniversary party. Some couples surprise each other with amazing gifts. And some couples order anniversary bouquets from Bloomsvilla or florist in Jaipur. But have you planned to celebrate the anniversary in a romantic place? If you are thinking of celebrating then well and good. But if you are planning to throw a party or a candlelight dinner. I think after reading this, your plan will definitely change. 

Most Romantic Destination In India For Anniversary Celebration are following:


I know,  I don’t need to give an introduction to this hill station. This place is so calm and close to nature. Here you will see blue mountains, valleys, eucalyptus, and pine trees. Ooty is famous for its coffee and tea plantation. But it is more famous for its climate. This is one of the great destinations, for your anniversary celebration. 


I don’t need to say, anything about this city. It’s the name says all its story. Every Indian friend group makes a plan to go Goa.  I am sure you also have a plan to go with your friends. The lifestyle of Goa is totally different. Beaches, party, fun everything is here. And Goa is one of the most romantic places in India. There are lots of Bollywood movie scenes they have shoot here. You will not only see the beach here but also beautiful churches. 


Munnar is situated in Kerala. It is a hill station in Kerala. But the beauty of Munnar is situated in everyone’s hearts. This is one of the most beautiful, and romantic places in India, you have ever seen. After going to Munnar, you will feel that you arrive in a foreign country. This hill station is surrounded by the mountains and you can feel the aroma of tea, coffee, and spices here. 


Shimla is famous for its snow-capped mountains. This is the place where you can feel each other. I mean, you can play with snow, and being cozy too. Shimla is famous for its art and culture too. You will get lots of unique things here.



Manali, one of the most famous honeymoon destinations of India like Goa.  Its beauty can’t describe in the words. Here you will get everything snow-covered mountains, thick and dense forest, wildflowers, river valley, and many more.  


Kumarakom is also in Kerala. This is the place where you both can feel the nature and life. Here not only you both will come close to each other but also close to nature. Here lots of things to experience from houseboat to driftwood museum. 


Udaipur, this city is situated in Rajasthan. As you know Udaipur is known as the “city of the lake”. You know, here you can enjoy the hills too. This is the city famous for palaces and romance. This is the city where you can see ancient culture to modern culture. People come to Udaipur for their wedding. 


The beauty of this place shows in its name. If you don’t know then let me tell you, Coorg is famous for a honeymoon destination.  Coorg is also called the “Scotland of India”. It is because of its beauty, and landscape. Couples love to enjoy the beauty of Coorg. If you are a big orange lover, then also you can come here.

Romantic Destination In India So, here are the top 8 destinations on my list. They all are very beautiful and romantic. I cover the list of places, according to the month. Because some of your anniversaries come in winter, some of you in summer and some of you in the rainy season. So according to the season, and climate I tried to make the list of the places. Every place says it’s own story and will make you mad from its beauty.  You can feel the romance is air, in all these places. So, now don’t waste any more time. Hurry up go and book the tickets and hotels. After all, shopping will take time.  This year cut the anniversary cake in a romantic place.  And also don’t forget to send flowers or an anniversary bouquet to your romantic partner.

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