Small Bathroom Renovation: How To Do It Better – And With Less Expense

Small bathroom renovation

When it comes to bathroom renovation, one thing is immediately thought of: cost. Of course, it’s not cheap to make even a simple renovation. In the case of the bathroom, for example, the cheap can be expensive if the proper analysis of the hydraulic and electrical parts is not done. But there are always other ways to compensate and even lower costs.

First of all, it is necessary to invest in planning and seek functionality so that the small bathroom has the best space optimization and the best ambiance for the activities that take place in it. This is done not only with resources but also with creativity.

If lighting is a necessary project and has a certain cost, this can be compensated by choosing dishes, metals, joinery and coverings that, without reducing quality and beauty, save unnecessary expenses. Not to mention the bathroom accessories that help change the face of the entire space. The renovated bathrooms are grateful!

Reform Planning

Renovating is not an easy decision, especially in environments such as the kitchen and bathroom, which have particularities that demand greater attention and, consequently, greater investment. But renovating a small bathroom doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The important thing is to make the necessary planning before starting the works. For example, it is essential that the electrical and plumbing installations are evaluated beforehand by a professional qualified as an interior architect, since any negligence regarding these conditions can result in future problems that may even cause you to lose everything that was invested and lead to new expenses. If the renovation is in an older bathroom, this measure is even more relevant, especially if it has never been updated. Another thing to keep in mind is that planning is also necessary to have a clear schedule of works and, therefore, purchases and expenses, which leads to greater control of the entire process.


A good bathroom renovation, whether large or small, needs to have a project that considers functionality and not just the aesthetic part of the work. Thus, cabinets that accommodate and hide objects and products from people’s view are always welcome, niches and shelves that stock and organize objects and products of daily use, such as towels and toiletries (or even serve to display decorative objects and plants), niches built into the masonry of the bathroom stall for products used in the bathroom. All of this helps to gain space and therefore to generate functionality in a small space that needs to use every corner as profitably as possible. Also included in this criterion are the adaptations of the bathroom to the needs of the elderly, with the installation of support bars and masonry benches. Or even the needs of users of the same bathroom, which may require the presence of two basins side by side, for example. Check out Pipe Leakage with this tip


Another key element in bathroom renovation is a good lighting project that provides for all situations in which people need to have a defined and clear vision of what they are doing, such as when doing makeup or shaving. . The lighting of a bathroom is a specialized work that involves the balance of hot and cold lights and the analysis of the dimensions of the space and its characteristics, such as the presence of a mirror, whose measurements also contribute to the perfect adaptation and use of light. Ideally, the functional lighting of a bathroom, even a small one, is located in the most important points of the environment, such as on the ceiling, next to the mirror and even in the shower, in addition to decorative lighting that aims to highlight areas and objects.

Crockery and metals

If, on the one hand, it is not a good idea to try to save money on renovations of the bathroom’s structural parts, such as plumbing and electrical, or wanting to oversimplify lighting, in other respects, a bathroom renovation can be done with little expense. This is the case with tableware and metals: expenses can be made cheaper by purchasing, for example, vats in the same size and shape as the old ones, so that it is not necessary to move much on the countertop or on the pipes. The same applies to faucets, showers and drains, which can be found in the existing measures. But it is always good to remember that this does not mean that these items do not have to be of good quality, as they are essential for the functioning of the bathroom.


Joinery is fundamental for the perfect organization of the bathroom. Planning cabinets, drawers, niches and shelves allows you to store a wide variety of objects and products without falling into the mess that is so easy to create when you don’t have the right equipment at your disposal. Although custom cabinets are more effective in optimizing space, you can also use old furniture such as wooden tables, dressers and sideboards to replace the cabinet, especially in the washroom, where there is no humidity. And, even in planned carpentry, there are ways to reduce costs, such as giving up handles or having open niches. Yet another alternative is to have just a shelf or two under the sink countertop and fill them with pretty (even organizer) boxes in natural fibers, For Plumbing Consultation You can consult here


Bathroom tiles must be chosen very carefully, as the general atmosphere of the room depends on them. Do not overdo it by combining various types of coatings and, in general, neutral tones should be preferred. Coatings are not cheap, but beautiful effects can be achieved by using a particular coating – the insert, for example – in details such as vertical or horizontal stripes. Another possibility when renovating the bathroom with tablets is to highlight specific areas, such as the shower stall or the bathtub. There are also other affordable and interesting coating options, such as blackboard paint, perfect for a washbasin. Or even painting walls and even tiles in different colors, such as the delicacy of pink, the joy of yellow and the calm of blue – which are also good in small bathrooms.

In this image, we have an example of a before and after bathroom renovation in which the insert was used with a decorative effect through two horizontal strips that frame the mirror. Like this one, there are many simple renovation ideas that add character and elegance to a simple bathroom.


A low-cost bathroom renovation comprises two important phases, structural changes and decorative changes. After bringing the hydraulic and electrical parts up to date and in perfect working order, having replaced the crockery and metals, opting for the most appropriate carpentry and coatings, now it’s time to decorate the small bathroom. There are details that cannot be forgotten, such as towel racks and trash cans, which must be in the same material and design chosen for the metals. Another element that makes all the difference is the mirror, which must be beautiful and functional – and considered in the lighting project. The decoration can also be complemented by accessories such as pictures, posters or vinyl stickers, especially in washrooms. Plants also have space in a small bathroom, but choose those that are more resistant to heat and humidity – or get into the habit of keeping (and regularly changing) a flower pot on the sink countertop. To finish off, you should take care of the bathing suit, choosing different sets in colors that complement the predominant colors in the bathroom. It’s not that expensive to leave the bathroom well dressed!

Painting instead of tile flooring

Gone are the days when bathrooms and washrooms had to be tiled, both on the walls and floors. But after all, how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom? The value will depend on the size and materials used. Currently, there are more affordable alternatives than tiles, which can often be expensive per square meter. If your goal is to renovate a bathroom and save money without putting quality and style aside, you can choose to paint your bathroom. For bathroom renovations, the most recommended types of paint for this type of environment are premium acrylic paints, preferably anti-mildew and washable types.

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