Improvements in Gaming Technology!

Gaming Technology

Improvements in gaming technology

The first video game was launched in the 1980s. Since then, it has come a long way to enter into the mainstream. In today’s world, it has improvised itself with so many advanced features, and now it has become the most popular way of fun. There are so many advances in gaming technology that have helped it to make their future brighter. Before one or two decades ago, it appeared only in pixels, but now it has graphics and real-world-like looks and even offers the player the character of the game and participates. Have a look at the top advances in the gaming world.

  • Face recognition

3D scanning and face recognition technology is the best gift from the gaming industry to players. This technology allows users to create their likeness in the gaming world, or eventually, they can transfer their expressions in the digital creations to be a part of the game. Real sense 3D cameras allow developers to create such games which can adapt the emotions of the gamer by scanning the different points of their face.

  • Voice Recognition

Most gamers are too lazy to even picking the controller. Don’t worry; now the latest games allow you to control the game with your voice. Games can easily voice commands of the gamer to control the gameplay, play selection, and interactions by just talking with your computer. The voice recognizes technology has been around us for a while, but now it has potentially featured in the gaming systems.

  • Gesture Control

If you are also fed up with the controller, then now the gaming industry has also launched the gesture controller. Intel real sense technology allows gamers to play shoot games with the waves of their hand. It means now one interacts with their gaming device by using their natural movements. Warrior wave employs real sense is the best example of gesture controller games. A 3D camera tracks the 22 different points of the gamer hand and allows them to play with their hand waves.

  • Excellent Graphics

We had also seen the days when the video games were used to appearing in 8-bit graphics. But now the gamer can experience the full rendered gaming world with realistic photos and videos. It helps increase the playability with the higher image quality and makes the gamer feel that they are right inside the game.

  • Virtual Reality

Though the virtual reality techniques have not been commercially launched yet in the gaming technology world, the developers are claiming that after the launch the gamer can experience a fully immersive realistic world while playing games and it is going to be very tough to lose yourself in the game when you are back to the real world.

  • Augmented Reality

Some situations are very tough to get into the real world, but the AR games allow making those situations in their computer or another gaming device. In simple words, the AR games allow a gamer to make an object of the game applicable to real-life situations. For example, one can create a situation where they play table hockey in their kitchen from any angle.

  • Mobile Gaming

In the world of smartphones, the gaming world has also come in the palm of your hand. Thousands of smartphone games are entertaining billions of people in their free time when they travel or chill in their yards. Online mobile games have also spread the love of digital games beyond hard-core console consumers. The best advancement is that now many online mobile games are offering price money to their audience. This effort has boosted traffic in the mobile gaming world.

  • Cloud Games

Traditional games, PlayStations, hard drives, and lots of hardware products now do not need these objects. Now the gamer can open cloud games and enjoy gaming. The images and graphics are available to entertain their audience, and this all happens because of the internet.


You have just read the few advances in this world, which can predict gaming technology‘s brighter future. The VR technology hasn’t launched yet, and the gamer are eagerly waiting for its launch to get the most wonderful experience of playing their favorite video games.  We are one of them.

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