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How to become a creative writer with ease 

Creating something unique for your audience can be a bit difficult to do as a writer. The beautiful aspect of creative writing is that, creative writing can be more enjoyable to you, if you know the secrets of writing creatively and intriguingly as a creative writer. 

Obviously, though creative writing can be enjoyable, it is not entirely a bed of roses to beginners or would be lovers of content writing. So today we are going to take a look at what makes a good creative writer. 

What makes a good creative writer?

First before we begin to do an in depth analysis of what makes one a creative writer. It is good to know what exactly creative writers do. One of the things creative writers do is that they practice good writing habits and they are good critics of there writing. They love to elaborate there ideas until it get well explained to there audiences.

In addition to this, if you want to become a creative writer. You must learn to sit your ass tight on your seat and do thorough research on what you want to write on.

Moreover, you need to know the problems your blog audiences have. You really need to envision there difficulty and bring it to live in your writing. If you want to create nice solutions that will helps them sort out their issues easily.

That’s what creative writing is all about. You need to write something that gives answers to the most disturbing issues your audiences are facing. Try to make them feel relieve after reading your piece. Once you achieve this, your writing will qualify as a creative one for sure. 

So what are does key things creative writers do?

Here are the writing principles that creative writers practice daily coupled with good writing habits to build their creative writing skills.

1. They read daily

In other to learn more things about what they love writing about. This is one of the things that every creative writer have in common with each other. If you want to become a creative writer. You must form the habit of reading daily to learn new ways of presenting your ideas. 

However, reading daily will help you improve your writing skills better. Because what you read has a great ability to influence your thinking and way of relating with people. Including how you solve problems. When you read extensively, it will help you understand your field of writing better. That’s why you need to research extensively.

2. Do proper research work

To improve your knowledge about a topic. Don’t just write anything you feel like writing. And also don’t give your audience fake statistics just to entice them. Because your audiences have the ability to know when an article is good or not. 

For you to write something creative, you need to study the topic properly. In addition to this, make sure you verify every statistic you intend to present to your audience. Because this can destroy the trust your audience have in you.

Research extensively to know what exactly your readers want from you. When you know what their difficulties are. You will know exactly what questions you need to focus your writing to answer. 

Then do a thorough research on how to solve those problems. And also write down your unique opinions on the best way to handle those issues. Take your time to plan your ideas properly. Don’t just present an half baked ideas to them. 

3. Always plan out your ideas

Don’t present unrefined ideas in your article, Make sure you plan out your ideas properly. That’s how you get your ideas together to create something unique. Don’t rush the process. 

Give yourself some time to build up your ideas into a unique one. Put in more effort to research the right answers to the most disturbing questions they have.

4. Keep refining your ideas

Don’t just write your ideas down on a piece of paper or your best word editor screen. But keep refining them until you cut it sharp on a unique angle. Polish your ideas continuously. Until you get it straight in a way that it relate your solutions properly to your audiences as intended.

One of the best way to do this, is to rewrite your paragraph to ensure you find the best way to present your ideas in a simple way. That your audience will easily understand.

5. Write with conversational tone

Your audiences love to read conversational article. Write with a friendly voice, make your audiences feel comfortable reading your piece. Instill hope in them. Make them believe your ideas can help them solve their problem, Get them engaged with your writing. so that they can stay longer enough to digest all the wonderful ideas you have to offer them to solve their problem. Don’t sound too bossy, sound friendly.

6. Captivate your reader attention

Because people love to read article that relate fine with their emotions. Play around with your audience emotion, that way you will grab their attention and make them want to read more of your writing to discover more benefits that are in it for them.

Yes, your blog readers wants to read article that grabs there emotions properly. So for you to put up a creative work you must write in a way that make them feel more anxious to learn how things works. That way they will likely make it deep into your article to discover all the wonderful packed ideas you have in it for them. I know you might ask this question.

How do I grab my audience attention?

One of the ways to write article that captive your readers attention and keep them engaged with your work is.

  • To add thought provoking questions
  • Raise thoughts in there minds
  • Add statistic records.
  • Promise them a secret way to solve there problem easily.

Yes, every reader ones to learn something special from you. The most fascinating one is, learning secrets that will help them solve their problem easily. Everyone wants to do things easily. Therefore they will definitely fall for this one, but remember a promise is a promise, don’t promise something you can’t give because that will back fire on you. If you fake it you stand a chance to lose something.

Your readers will lose trust in you as a writer. Always promise something you really know you can offer. So if you make a promise always ensure you fulfill it to your audience. Because that will motivate them the more. To rely on you for more help.

7. Motivate your reader to take actions.

Try to motivate your audience to do something through your article. Make them take an action that will benefit them. Add a good call to action in your article that encourage them to do something in return for a reward.

This is one of the things creative writers do. They encourage their audiences to think out of the box to understand a situation better. You have to master the use of words to spark up your readers curiosity to learn more. Make them feel the urge to learn more about a topic. 

When your writing does this, then it is qualify to be a creative one. One thing for sure, you need to know about creative writing is that, writing something unique isn’t a thing for the best writers. It is a thing for every writer who has decided to put in more effort to create something unique.

In writing, consistency pays, If you write consistently and read extensively you will gain more exposure to great ideas that you can use to write something creative and unique for your blog audiences. 

Besides, creative writing begins with a step. And that step begins with an action, Good articles don’t write itself but consistent and serious writers do.

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