Grow Your Medical Business Quickly With A Lybrate Or Practo Clone App

Grow Your Medical Business

How to Grow Your Medical Business world has shifted its interest from visiting the doctors physically to consulting them via the internet at an incredibly fast pace. The evolution of Telehealth has eased the patients’ process of consulting the doctors, and simultaneously, has simplified the treatment process of doctors as well by enabling them to guide their patients quickly, and thus consult a greater number of patients every day helping them to stay healthy.

Grow the medical business using The healthcare apps are in trend worldwide because of their multiple benefits and minimal demerits. Providing all sorts of assistance required to develop a healthcare application, Omninous Solution Grins is serving the medical industry to create their desired apps with all the necessary features and compliance.

For online bookings of doctor appointments, a large number of applications have gained global popularity and widespread acceptance. Some of these apps are:

  • Practo
  • Lybrate
  • Setmore
  • Otboo
  • Healthtap

Enhance the medical Business behalf of These applications have gained popularity mainly because of the integration of necessary features with the best customer-centric approach. Some of the main features of a Lybrate Clone Script or perhaps a Practo Clone Script are mentioned here:

1. Doctor and Hospital Search (Improve Medical Trade)

Practo Clone App
Grow Your Medical Business

2. Hospital Speciality

Patients must have an option to search for the required speciality hospitals or the doctors required for a particular illness or disorder.

3. Appointment Booking

Once the search for a doctor or clinic is complete, a patient must have clear options for booking a convenient date and time thus confirming the time slab without any hassle. Also, doctors can accept or reject the bookings according to their availability.

4. In-App Payment option

This integration of payment gateways enables the users to pay for the services from within in the app by using multiple options such as debit card, credit card, e-wallet, etc.

5. Geo-Location

This feature is a must-have for healthcare applications as it assists the users to locate and reach the doctor in minimum time by using the shortest route.

6. Live Video Conference

This option allows the users to consult the doctor via a live video session thus helping to provide clear details of illness and receive proper guidance and prescription from the doctor.

7. Stakeholders’ Profiles

Profiles of both doctors and patients are important for a medical app to run successfully. The doctor’s profile consists of necessary information such as name, location and the area of specialization. The patient’s profile carries information like name, age, gender, weight, blood group, etc along with medical history if any.

Doctor’s Review

Allowing the patients to rate and review the doctors genuinely helps the new users to search and confirm doctors by looking at their reviews, thus making this feature very important.

Medical business applications have some amazing advantages which are the key reasons for their popularity, such as:

  • Hassle-Free Appointment
  • Booking Appointments
  • Video Consultation
  • In-app Chat Support
  • In-app Medical History
  • mPrescription
  • Lifestyle Tracking
  • Online Billing and Payment
  • Effective Promotion
  • Better Brand Reputation


Healthcare apps prove to be your best friends by helping you live healthier lives. And well, as a part of global medical business, mHealth solutions such as Lybrate and Practo lead to huge revenues for the platform owners who are the biggest stakeholders here. Contact us at and get going with the best app development experience in the mobile healthcare sector.

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