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Not only biotech and industrial sectors have laboratories. With each passing day, the use of a laboratory is increasing rapidly. There are many business organizations which have laboratories for experiments and research work. In a laboratory, it is necessary to install laboratory furniture along with  laboratory equipment  You will have to take the space of your laboratory into account before you install a lab furniture. One of the vital  laboratory furniture  which is a must in every laboratory is a ducted fume hood. Whether you want to install a fume hood in your new lab or you want to replace a fume hood, there are certain things which you should bear in mind. Every laboratory should use ducted fume hoods. The reason is that the laboratory workers or students work with harmful chemicals and other toxic substances. Inhaling such baleful chemicals could be dangerous for the health of the workers and employees who work in a laboratory for several hours. When you have ducted fume hoods, the dusts, fumes, vapors and gases generate inside the hood. The toxic vapors and gases get removed through a laboratory exhaust system. Having a fume hood will protect the employees from injuries, fires and explosions. Why you should get ducted fume hoods installed in your lab? Let us know the use and benefits of the fume hoods in the following lines. 

Note On Ducted Fume Hoods 

Laboratories. The purpose of ducted fume hoods is to pull contaminants out of your surroundings by way of the HVAC system. Usually, the ducted fume hoods consist of ventilated enclosures which function within the infrastructure of your building. Basically, all ducted fume hoods have a work surface, base, ducting, blower and a hood which help emit air outside the building. Your lab room should have sufficient air which would provide the required volume of ventilation inside the hood. It is necessary to do a timely maintenance service of the fume hood which is done by the in-charge of the mechanical systems. It is the responsibility of the maintenance team to look after any hassles occurred in the fume hood. The HVAC engineers will make sure that everything operates well inside the fume hoods. Workers and employees who work in a laboratory should use fume hoods, as the product is safe for you and your environment. There are several universities who have installed  ducted fume hoods  for the safety of the students and workers.

Types And Advantages Of Fume hoods 

Laboratories. There are four types of fume hoods such as ducted fume hoods, constant air volume hoods, variable air volume hoods and ductless fume hoods. 

The advantages of installing fume hoods are listed below. 

* It is safe for laboratory professionals and students. 

* The fume hoods can tackle various types of chemicals without creating any hazards. 

* There will be no contamination present in the laboratory. 

* It is not at all hard to operate the product. Students and lab workers can use the fume hoods without any difficulty. 

Points To Consider 

Laboratories. Before you make your mind to purchase fume hoods, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind. What are they? Run your eyes through the pointers mentioned below. 

* Consider the number of chemicals you work daily in a lab. If you work with more than 10 different chemicals, then you should buy a fume hood which would work well with a number of chemicals.

* Determine the volumes of chemicals you use. 

* Make sure your building has an HVAC system and a team to fix the hassles immediately. 

* Make a note of the space of your laboratory.

* The harsh chemicals should not degrade, attack and physically alter the material of a hood. 

* The fume hoods you select should be able to move from one place to another, if needed.

Primary Features Of Fume Hoods 

* It has health and safety features. * It has a high performance capacity. 

* The fume hoods last for a longer period of time. 

* You can use the product with ease. The fume hoods can operate at low costs. 

* You can clean the fume hoods without ease. 

Benefits Of Fume Hoods 

  • Varied Sizes:

You can get ducted fume hoods in various sizes. The normal size ranges from 18 to 70 inches wide. The right size of hood will provide greater flexibility. You can select a proper size of hood which would fit into your workspace. 

  • Customization Facility:

Avail the customization options which will let you work with ease in a laboratory environment. Take into account the materials such as metal, ESD and PVC. Also, consider the dimensions such as height, access, depth and width. You have the leverage to get your fume hoods customized as per your lab requirements. 

  • Affordable And Durable:

Ducted fume hoods are resistant to solvents and other chemicals. The laboratory workers and professionals will be able to keep themselves safe from hazardous chemicals, volatile organics and powders. Moreover, the fume hoods will not blow your budget.

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