DAPPER DOUGHNUTS! 4 Design Ideas for Your Home-Baked Donuts


Food can be art too! The kitchen is a beautiful haven where fantastic artworks are made! And you can be the artist!

Baking makes you focus, think and experiment, and after all, you gain a sense of fulfillment because of the food you produce. Initially, it is important to know the basics of baking. It’s challenging because of the various ingredients, measurements and tool requirements, but baking is definitely one of the most stress-relieving activities you can do at home! 

If you are thinking of your first pastry to bake at home or probably the next pastry to learn making, do not forget about donuts! Usually round in shape with a hole in the middle, donuts can also be molded into different forms and sizes! What’s more, you can be very artistic with donut designs! 

Do the donut styles and patterns you want for any special occasion or just any random day! Here are 6 design ideas for your home-baked donuts. Make your donuts dapper with these lovely looks!


Do you love it when there are numerous minute candy bites on your donuts? Sprinkles can make you enjoy these pastries even more! 

This donut design is one of the typical kinds you will see in many donut stores all over the world. It’s a classic that many people still choose over the modern-looking donuts. 

There are diverse types of sprinkles which you can decorate your precious donuts with! Jimmies are minuscule sugar rods or beads. Quins are cutesy sprinkles with various colors and shapes. Nonpareils are the teensy-weensy balls in different colors! 

Dragées are sweets with candy-coated outer shells — charmers that will grace your donuts! If you want to put some large crystal sugar bits, then it’s the sanding sugar! Many more kinds of sprinkles are available in the market and in online stores for baking supplies!

Make your donut a Sprinkles Land which kids will surely love and adults will find fascinating! This design is perfect for colorfully themed parties, and even for simpler days when you feel a little brighter, it’s a strong pick! 


Photo from: Pinterest – I Am A Food Blog

Take your home-baked donuts to the next level! Give it an outer space feel with the stunning galaxy designs you can incorporate them with! 

While getting your donuts ready, make the galaxy-fied look on top of it! Depending on the number of donuts, put the appropriate number of cups of icing sugar inside a big or average container, and mix it with tablespoons of fresh milk. Combine tablespoons of vanilla extract. 

Photo from: Pinterest – TasteMade

If you have 3 colors to make your galaxy glaze, then prepare 3 small containers beside your main container. In each of those containers put ½ cup of the mixture you previously made. Now, blend one food coloring or food gel per container. After that, get a tablespoon of the single-colored glaze found from every small container. Put it in the main glaze container, and the rest follows — only one color filling one space. Use a skewer to make patterns as in a galaxy! 

When your donuts are already baked and your glaze is fully stylized, dip and drag the surface of each donut into the glaze! You will see magic right before your own eyes! Be galaxy-fied!


Photo from: Pinterest – J o s e

How relieving it is to be able to customize your own donuts at home, using your favorite cartoon characters! There’s nothing more exciting than remembering your beloved childhood heroes!

Fun and exciting donuts they will absolutely be, but these designs are probably one of the most challenging to do. Especially if you want to achieve the characters’ precise look or the closest look, you have to practice and to be familiar with the cartoons’ key features! 

There are many ways, but here’s one of the quick-and-easy tips! Prepare your icing ingredients including milk, powdered sugar and meringue powder. It would be best to choose gluten-free baking ingredients, especially if people with lactose intolerance will eat the donuts. Assemble in separate cups the fondant colors that you will use. Another possible challenge would be matching the accurate color for the cartoon characters, but it’s fulfilling when you find the right ones! 

Photo from: Pinterest

The measurements will depend on the quantity of donuts and the quality you are looking forward to getting. Mix altogether the powdered sugar in cups, the meringue powder in tablespoons and the milk in a cup. Continue mixing until the icing is smooth. Separate the icing into the number of bowls required for your characters. If you will be making 5 characters, so divide into 5 bowls. 

In every bowl, drop a food coloring. Mix it until the color fills the icing. Pour the icing over the baked donut, then refrigerate for at least an hour. To complete the donut with eyes, nose, whiskers and other attributes, design the donut with the toppings accordingly. For ears on the donuts, you can insert ear-shaped dough or cookies. Use quins and other ideal sprinkles to form other portions of your cartoon characterized delights! 


Photo from: Pinterest – Mod Weddings

Something that will make the ladies’ eyes widen! Flower power it is!

Limitless are the possibilities as you stylize your floral donuts. Both this design and the galaxy-fied donuts give you freedom over the whole thing, but with the latter, you don’t have full control of the patterns sticking onto your donuts. With the floral design, you cannot go with the flow because you are the one to make the flow! You can decide how to put the flowers on your donuts!

You may choose to have flower icing. You will put icing in a tube, and the important part to look at is the tip or the opening where the icing will go out. The petal tip will determine the shape of the icing coming out, thus, of your petals. You may or may not get the delicate look of a petal from there, so know what you need, and practice using it. 

The Tip 104 enables you to customize your flower petal by petal. You will be able to create any kind of flower as you desire and even invent your own flower. On the other hand, if you just want to design more quickly with uniform looks, the Drop Flower Tip/Nozzle is your option. For big petals, go for Tip 127. 

Photo from: Pinterest – Amourducake_Workshop

Also, flower fondants are super nice decors for your donuts. For 2D flower designs, there are custom-made cutters that will make your donuts more adorable! For 3D ones, you can cut out the flower shapes and place them into molders. You can make your donuts dashing for special events by putting fresh flowers and edible flowers too! Bring more life to every bite!



Wow! That’s one (literally four) incredible discovery you got there! These are just some of the several designs you may use to embellish your home-baked donuts. It’s so fun to make your own without having to leave the house, right? 

For every occasion, there is or are impressive designs for your donuts. Make them visually pleasing, and of course, very healthy! Dapper donuts that’re delicious and nutritious? Go for them and bake!


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