Best Social Media Tools For Every Business In 2020

Social Media Tools

As today’s world has turned into a global village and with the pandemic, everything is getting online. From meetings to business, everything today needs a global platform. So here are a few social media tools that will help you with every kind of business.


You may ask a question to yourself, why do I need social media for my business. As the audience today is very large and so is the competition. To find your perfect audience and to gain healthy growth of your business. You need to learn some digital strategies to get the right to your customer’s needs.



As with every growth, today is highly affected by collaborations. If you got the right contacts for your business, you got the staring in your hand. Planable is a social media tool that helps you to centralize and manage your content with the help of a variety of other social feeds and also plans your content marketing on social media. One of the most useful things about Planable is the ability to view your posts as if they were live in the social feeds themselves before even posting them. It is useful if you want your posts to be accessed across different-different feeds and want to learn how you can customize them. To do that, firstly you need drag and drop the files into your posts. Then, it will create a visual calendar to schedule them and you can see your campaigns with clarity. All the members come and go back and forth to give feedback for each post. This helps in making modifications and other changes according to every feedback without making it tedious. For managers, it is very easy to see when these changes have been made.  

2. Social pilot-

The Social Pilot suite has a lot of users as it has clear and easy-to-use design and competitive pricing. With a social pilot you can do all the essential tasks, including engaging with social accounts. It gives you the feature of bulk scheduling, content curation and brand management for social media. They also offer easy functionality. Their calendar feature is a goldmine for the users. Users can go in and apply filters to find the posts that are relevant to them. If you want to repeat a post of your own, you can simply drag and drop it in the calendar window.   Rescheduling content is also their amazing feature.  They also have an excellent reporting system that alerts you if their is any problem in your feed that might be harmful to your account 

3. SEMrush-

SEMrush is a digital marketing platform for auditing your SEO efforts. As well as monitoring the performance of your content, and researching the right keywords to use, you can also post and manage your social media accounts in the SEMrush interface too. While working with Semrush you enjoy many features as you can schedule your posts, edit images, and import from CSV files. SEMrush has all the features you need to drill deep so that you can increase the visibility of your account with optimum results.


If your target audience is Twitter-focussed users, is the tool you need. This platform is a deliberately Twitter-specific tool, which is handy and easy to use if Twitter is where you want to concentrate your digital marketing efforts. The following is how works   – all your conversations would be grouped in one single window and you can share comments and tweets from there. It allows you to get to know your followers and what they demand. You can also follow the high-value and influential people in your community. also has a reporting feature from the platform, which helps you to remove sleeping and inauthentic followers, so you can cleanse your following of bots, etc. We all know that time spent on social media platforms is very important if you want to build public relations too if you are nurturing genuine leads and connecting with real followers. So is one of the best social media marketing tools to help you achieve the objectives of your digital marketing service on Twitter.

5. Social Searcher-

Protecting your brand’s reputation and responding to positive and negative feedback quickly is vital. Social Searcher makes it incredibly easy to do just that. This software acts as a search engine specifically for social media. You can easily see who is engaging and posting about your brand and what comments are those users saying in real-time. What’s more amazing about this platform is that you get a lot of functionality and other features for free. But if you want to build a brand, then you have to take the premium membership of Social Searcher.  It has a premium service that allows you to access more advanced features for analyzing your content and save your searches and set up email alerts. You can also monitor all your mentions of identity whenever they happen. It also gives you a feature to produce reports for key stakeholders and senior management rated to your account, the reports in Social Searcher can be exported to other platforms and also provides clarity on the reputation of your brand and its performance. 


So now that you know about the social media tools, you need to understand how you can choose between the tools. So go step by step

  1. Look at the needs of your business.
  2. Observe the tools being used by competitors.
  3. Observe all the features of the tools.
  4. Set your budget on how much you can spend on these tools.
  5. Research about the best fit according to your needs.
  6. Choose the tool which you feel satisfies your needs completely. 

Now that you know about the tools that can help in growth of your business, what are you waiting for! 

Go and make your business reach its pinnacle  with the new learn strategies.

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