Best Reason why we choose android app development For App

Best Reason why we choose android app development For App
Best Reason why we choose android app development For App

Nowadays android app mobile is a part of our family. Because mobile is the innovation of technology. In the current situation, mobile phones are advanced technology just like one of the microcomputers on one device. So many users need a mobile phone that’s why we should need an application. 

There is no chance to reduce the popularity of the Android app because google provides services to the android app. There are lots of platforms available today for development, such as Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. However, the Android platform through Google is moving ahead with the aid of leaps and boundaries and its popularity suggests no symptoms of receding. Let us take a look at why developers pick out the android platform for Apps development.

Android can be easily accessed

According to reliable recent facts via idc.Com, Google’s Android gobbled up a market proportion to a big extent, accounting for 80% of all smartphones shipped globally. The best part of Android is that it’s miles without problems reachable to any Android programmer with knowledge of Java and the Android SDK. The Android SDK may be without problems accessed and has the potential and functionality to create a number of the maximum innovative cellular apps.

Innovative and creative

Because of the open-source nature of Android, the builders who get to work on this mobile platform get several publicity to Google’s philosophy of freedom and innovation. This encourages creativity and nurtures the capacity to take benefit of Android’s extensive resources that enhance the best and functionality of your mobile app.

Ability to install from any source

Android apps are installed from any source and no longer just the Android Market. Besides, it is simple and viable to check the apps on a couple of devices. All that is viable because of the tools included in the SDK that make it easy to do so. It is also feasible to at once deploy your app on the tool immediately, or from the command line.

The much lower entry barrier

If you need to develop your app in Android, you best need to register yourself as a developer at the Android market, prepare your APK, and submit it to Android. The entry barrier for Android is much lower as the approval system is lots simpler, which isn’t the case with its nearest competitor App Store.

High market share

The reality that Android’s marketplace share money owed to over 80% with over 1 billion devices being shipped in 2014 alone, way plenty to those investing their pennies within the Android improvement game. This manner that constructing an android app will mean plenty of ability downloads, which is a great sign for the developer community.

Allows installation of custom ROMs

Android lets in rooting of your phone and you can install custom ROMs. On the contrary, the iPhone’s model of rooting is known as jailbreaking, which is an actual crime within the USA.

Better hardware range

Android is made to be extra well suited with devices that might be provided by using different producers across the globe. These builders include a wide variety of advanced functions into the device, that can then be successfully utilized using builders worldwide. These functions are comparable to those available with the pricey fashions and high-cease phones and are also easy to match into your budget.

Well optimized for social apps

Android is properly optimized to broaden social apps and this section is in reality growing. Most apps builders are going social, and are attempting their first-rate to maximize their capacity through earning pinnacle revenue. Hence, due to its ability to better integrate with a wide range of social networks, it’s far more favored amongst builders and business owners who want to go social.

Easier to learn

According to numerous professionals who’ve learned Google Android and different platforms along with iOS and Blackberry, Google’s Android may be learned from scratch, quicker than other platforms. Hence, developers starting with cellular application development will discover it very smooth to broaden in Android.

Cheaper Apps

Android has a diverse user-base, hence offers more loose downloads. Also, apps are less expensive compared to the ones on iOS, and loose apps with ad sales or in-apps buy models -are also feasible on Android.


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