Amazing Benefits Owning of Best Dishwasher in India


Amazing Benefits owning of Best Dishwasher in India

Do you know how many hours an Indian homemaker spends on doing the dishes alone?

Over 13 hours a week on an average!

How would you like to spend that amount of time doing things you like instead? Say for example, chatting with you family members, or watching your favourite T.V show.

And what if we say you can finally achieve that! How?

with the help of the best dishwasher in India.

Yes, the concept of a machine doing the dishes is still new in India, which refrains a lot of people from actually trying it.

But if we quote it from the mouth of the experts, ‘Dishwashers are an absolute relief for people with busy schedules, and so much to look after’. 

So without further ado, let’s make this argument more convincing for you by:

  • Stating out the benefits of owning a dishwasher
  • Top dishwasher models along with dishwasher price

Let’s Begin!

Amazing Benefits of Owning a Best Dishwasher

Incredible Cleaning

Kitchen is the favourite of all rooms for germs in your house (if you haven’t already heard).

And the dish soap tends to get mixed up with all the germs, and food residue you are trying to get rid of.

So if you are really trying to clean your utensils, it cannot be done with water and dish soap alone.

You need high temperature water to do so. Which obviously your bare hands cannot handle.

Machines like the best dishwasher can reach that type of temperature easily, making sure your utensils are not just visible clean, but actually clean.

Time Saving

The most common factor of owning a dishwasher is to save time.

You are already so jammed up with things from the office and home. You don’t want another task to be waiting on you.

Especially when it is something that can be better handled by a machine.

Like we discussed, it takes a whopping 13 hours a week on an average just to clean dishes by hand.

So unless you have got nothing else on your plate, this is the best bet you can make.


The best dishwashers in India not only save your time, but are also very water and energy efficient.

In your traditional method of cleaning dishes, water is wasted as much as 30% more than what it is wasted in a dishwasher.

The dishwasher price may at first irk you, but since these machines put a very little impact on your electricity bills, they make up for all the investment in years to come.

Hence making them a perfect choice for doing your daily dishes.

Best Dishwasher India Reviews

1.  Bosch SMS60L18IN Dishwasher

Bosch is a highly reputed brand in the appliance market.

This model comes with 6 wash settings and 12 place settings that works for all types of stains and dishes.

Inclusive of a time indicator that helps you manage your tasks accordingly, the best dishwasher in Indiaoperates at a noise as low as 54 dB.

The aqua sensor and loading sensor also help in easy functioning with the appliance.

The machine can effectively clean dry, and heavy stains from Indian cooking and make it worth your money.

2 years manufacturing warranty makes it a must buy!

The dishwasher price stands to be somewhere around 40k-45k.

2.  IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher India Reviews

This one by another renowned brand IFB, comes with 12 place settings capacity.

The most enticing feature is the jet washer mode that completes the wash cycle in a record time of 18 minutes for 4 place settings!

The best dishwasher India also comes with a water softening device to dissolve the cleaning detergent perfectly and do the dishes better.

System drying option helps give out ulta-dry dishes so you can serve dinner just about instantly! 

While the flexible half-load mode helps you operate the machine as per the size of your load.

3.  LG Free-Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (D1451WF, White)

This incredible piece launched by the brand L.G comes with 14 place settings in total!

The best dishwasher has a smart rack system that can be adjusted according to the size and width of your dishes.

Be it from large pans, to huge cooking pots.

Less noise feature helps it clean the dishes in the stealthiest manner, while the LED display helps view operation time to help line-up your tasks accordingly.

The stainless steel tub along with the child lock feature makes it a more durable, and safer option.

It also comes with a 10 year warranty!

The dishwasher price is somewhere around 45k-50k.


Don’t waste your precious hours in dishwashing anymore. 

You can now easily step out and buy the best dishwasher for your home with the tips above.

If you are still confused, or are looking for more options to cover, take a stroll through the top 10 dishwashers India reviewsat K2 Appliances’s official website.

There you can easily compare the features of all the top listed models along with their pros and cons.

We also have reviews of many other home and kitchen appliances that you may be interested in, listed out there.

The dishwasher price may be on the higher end a bit, but it is sure to be a great investment for long term relief.

So go ahead and make a smart choice.

Happy shopping!

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