5 essential things to do in Miami Beach

Miami Beach
Miami Beach

5 essential things to do in Miami Beach

We will begin this guide to what to see in Miami Beach with a walk along its most famous beach. We will see South Beach, we will visit Ocean Drive and we will see the art deco architecture so characteristic of this area.

South Beach is the soul of Miami Beach. If you’re trying to imagine Miami Beach right now, you’re probably thinking of South Beach. That is to say, a lot of hunk people teaching chub, very wide beaches, sentry boxes for beach watchers, and a lot of nightlife.

Miami Vice in its purest form. Corruption in Miami. Hot bodies everywhere, outdoor gyms, and fashion. Scoops, crystal clear water, and fine sand.

Here you will have to cross Lummus Park, located between 5th and 15th streets. It is the area where people get together to play volleyball or skate along the promenade. Definitely an important place to visit in Miami Beach.

Also, if you can go to South Beach both day and night you will see that it changes radically. But we will talk about that a little later.

Cross Ocean Drive and visit the place where Versace was killed

One of the most famous avenues to see in Miami Beach is undoubtedly Ocean Drive. There you can have on one side the promenade, with the beach, gym bars, and volleyball courts, while on the other you will find countless restaurants, pubs, and cochazos. Lots of dumps.

If you are looking for a great American, eat a hamburger at Johnny Rockets, and see if you find the “hidden spy” very close there. You will have to go for the approach, I’ll just tell you that!

If you get to number 1116 on Ocean Drive you will find the old Versace mansion (today converted into a hotel restaurant). Right there at the door, they shot him dead in 1997.

Enjoy art deco (or how your buildings have become stagnant over time)

One of the essential things that you have to do in Miami Beach is to visit the Art Deco district, with more than 800 buildings built in the 30s and 40s with a very iconic touch.

The Art Deco style began to develop in the 1920s, with a touch of art nouveau but at the same time a bit of an industrial “roll”. If you walk along South Beach and Ocean Drive you will find a lot of buildings of this style.

All are characterized by having a light color, very much in the style of Corruption in Miami. A very famous place is the Carlyle Hotel, where great musicians got together to create jazz.

Pay attention to your appetite with the immense cuisine of Lincoln Road

Why not take advantage of your visit to Miami Beach to enjoy the enormous variety of gastronomy? The truth is that throughout Miami Beach there are tons of restaurants but it is true that the best and most exclusive are often concentrated on Lincoln Road.

Italian, Japanese, international food, etc … really, there is something for all kinds of tastes and budgets. One of the most recommended things to do in Miami Beach is to stand on a terrace and people watch. People watch call it the Yankees.

And if this has to be done somewhere, undoubtedly the best in Miami Beach.

Visit the Jewish Holocaust Monument

Have you ever imagined that in Miami Beach there is a Monument to the Jewish Holocaust? Yes, and it makes your hair stand on end. It was inaugurated in 1990 and is dedicated to more than six million Jews who lost their lives because of the fascist regime in Europe.

If anything stands out from the monument itself it is a hand that rises towards the sky, made of bronze, 13 meters high. Around her, the figures climb, with gestures of clear pain and terror. We will also be able to see a wall with millions of engraved names of those who died.

To get to this Holocaust Monument you will have to go to 1933 Meridian Avenue.

Where to sleep in Miami (hotels and apartments)

The truth is that the word sleep and the Miami Beach area do not get along very well hahaha Miami Beach is an area full of gambling dens, pubs, and clubs, of all styles and ranges.

Here we are going to give you some discounts so that staying in this Florida city is not very expensive. If instead, you are looking for an Airbnb apartment, here we also leave you some discount euros.

The Coral Gables area is perfect, but also more expensive. Miami Beach and Downtown is more central, and if you are looking for atmosphere and revelry it is yours. Here we leave the exclusive discounts:

What to visit around Miami

We already discussed this in the article we recently wrote about what to visit in Miami in two days. We recommend several places like (logically) Orlando and its amusement parks, the Everglades, or the beaches of Key West.

In Orlando, Florida, there are the best amusement parks in the world. And the period. It is only 4 hours from Miami and it is worth a lot.

There we recommend especially Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, but if you travel with children (under 14 years old) we recommend that you go to the Magic Kingdom, the most important of Disney’s.

We recently wrote a guide to what to do in Orlando, in case you want to check it out too, with recommendations not only for parks but for shows, museums, miniature golf, and bizarre places.

If you are looking for a little more adventure, you have to go into the Everglades. It is a natural park full of lush vegetation and lots of animals. The most famous is the alligator.

You can visit them in a wind boat that is very very curious. A day trip that is extremely worth it to get out of the Miami stereotype that completely breaks with the Everglades.

What did you think of this guide on the 5 essential things to do in Miami Beach? Do you have any other recommendations to visit in Miami that may have been left in the pipeline? If so leave us a comment below, we will appreciate it!

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