5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Jaipuri Razai for Heavy Winter!

Jaipuri razai

Winter has almost arrived, and every one of us wants to tuck inside a warm blanket and sleep. Winters are also about warmth behind those unique blankets that help us to sleep better. Jaipuri quilt wholesaler & manufacturers see a massive surge in demand for the Razai during winter. Jaipuri quilts are very famous and in order all over India and outside. They will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Winter season is everyone’s favorite because of the fantastic climate and prevailing atmosphere.

Why Jaipuri Razai is Perfect

Everything feels perfect when it comes to soft blankets, hot beverages, and much more. This blog will explain why Jaipuri Razai is Perfect for the heavy winter season. They are as follows-

Jaipuri Razai
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1) Lightweight-

When we hear about razai, we instantly feel it will be cumbersome and dense. During winter, razai is essential to stay warm. One of the main reasons you should consider buying jaipuri razai is that they are super lightweight. The weight of Jaipuri Razai is just 250 gms. Yes, you heard it right; they are very lightweight. Hence, they are trendy among customers because their weight starts from 100 gms. The light will ensure you can use and carry them wherever possible. While going on trips during winter, you can even take the razai with you to get the best comfort during the outings. They are made using a combination of quilts and threads, so their weight is around 100 to 250 gms overall.

2) Hand Block Print Jaipuri Razai-

When we buy blankets and bed sheets from retail shops, they are mass products. They are made using machines and hence lack personal touch and uniqueness. We often find the same patterns and designs everywhere and feel that everything is unique in the market. But, it’s not the case when you buy Jaipur Hand block print quilts. Jaipuri razai are handmade by hardworking craftsmen who work for hours and put all their sweat and passion into it. The designs and patterns made on the jaipuri razai use the hand block print method, which is entirely handmade. Many skilled artists are put into the work of making the razai. Hence, every Jaipuri razai has a unique design that gives a personal touch. We should preserve our culture and heritage by encouraging handmade products over machine-made ones.

3) Best Quality Quilts-

Jaipur quilt manufacturer provide top-quality razai to all their customers. Once you buy razai from Jaipur, you will be spoilt for choice as they maintain the quality of the quilts. The quilts are weaved to perfection to get a result that astonishes everyone. The materials and fabrics used during the making of razai are procured from Jaipur itself, which makes the product cost at budget prices and gives the best quality. Once you buy razai from here, they will stay perfect for many years, and the end customers won’t observe any limitations or complaints. One of the most compelling reasons to buy these quilts is their shockingly excellent prices. They are budget-friendly and won’t cause a hole inside your pockets. Quality, along with the lower cost, is the best deal that you can get for the Jaipuri Razai. On the other hand, Wholesale razai in Jaipur is also available and will be provided at bulk prices if you want to buy them for reselling.

4) Soft and Comfy-

One of the other reasons why you Should always buy Jaipuri razai from manufacturers is that they are very comfortable and soft—the materials used for making razai create quiet end products. You will stay warm and cozy throughout the winter using these razors; they have a fresh and breathable feel. When you use heavy blankets many times, some rashes and discomfort are observed, but in this case, you will never face any rashes or hurt on the skin while using them.

5) Flexible-

Jaipur hand block print quilt is very flexible and easy to store. When you don’t use them after the winter season, they will occupy a tiny space inside your cupboards. The shopkeepers will provide all kinds of storage instructions which you should follow for the best results. If you follow all their instructions carefully, your razai will stay soft and unique for many years.

Above mentioned are some reasons why Jaipuri Razai is the best and will keep you warm and cozy during winter. Jaipur Wholesaler is the leading cotton bedlinen such as comforter and dohar set wholesaler provide everything at the best cost and quality.

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