4 Reasons Picking Junk Car Buyer Is Better Than Selling Your Old Vehicle Online?

Reasons Picking Junk Car

Any Old Junk Car you have staling at the back of your garage? Planning to get rid of that junk and earn some good cash? Well, there are multiple alternatives to sell your junk car.

From searching for an online buyer to finding a junkyard to giving away your car to charity, you can choose almost anything.

The outcome is always you getting rid of the junk car.

But wait!

If you want to make the most of your junk car, selling it to a junkyard could really be a profitable thing compared to the other two options.

Though the internet is vast and has many websites where you can list an old car for selling, car sales are generally a complicated thing and come with many associated problems.

Most sellers get offended seeing the disparity between the amount of time it takes to sell a used car and the cash they get in return.

Junkyards, on the contrary, are a simplified means of selling your junk cars.

More specifically, if your car has become total trash, couldn’t take you on a ride, and is almost dead – junkyards are the only option!

Want to know how exactly does picking a junk car buyer is better than selling your old vehicle online? We’ve put together a list of some profound reasons in this blog post.

Dive in and get to know why!

Saves Your Time & Effort

Selling a used car online is a time-consuming task. It calls in for spending a lot of effort and time.

From buying an online space for your ad to catering to all the inquiry calls to ensuring you don’t end up with a scam and even much more, selling a used car online is surely overwhelming.

Contrary to that, you can sell your car to a junkyard at the ease of few taps. All you got to do is just make a quick call to one of the best junkyards available nearby. They’ll send an inspection team to provide an estimate car value. You can surely negotiate the amount and make a deal once you’re satisfied. Most junkyards offer free towing services alongside, so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

No matter the model or condition of your car, junkyards accept them all as long as they have metal to offer!

Gets You the Instant Cash

When selling a used car online, you’ll have to go through multiple steps to receive the payment finally. Also, most buyers pay in the form of cheques – that can end up getting bounced and so on.

It’s the opposite with junkyards. Most junkyard services offer instant cash payments against your junk car. Neither do they call you in for any kind of paperwork or give away cheques.

Instead, a team would come tow your vehicle themselves and hand you over the payment in cash or via bank transfer.

Also, a great benefit of selling your used car to a junkyard is that they don’t pay based on the condition of your car.

Instead, they focus on the amount of metal scrap the car could offer and generally end up paying more than an online buyer would have paid.

Prevent Scamming

The chances of hitting a scammer when selling your used vehicle online are pretty high. A lot of buyers show interest as you put up an online advertisement. And you really can’t distinguish who’s legit and who’s a scammer.

However, it’s pretty easier to determine whether a junkyard is legit or a scam. You simply have to walk into the junkyard and ask for proof of registration. Any junkyard registered by your local authority must be legit, and you can sure deal with them.

Saves yourself from being scammed from the instant cash offers.

After all, it’s the cash you’re more likely to be scammed with when selling a junk car.

Contributes To a Greener Earth

A very profound reason why selling our used car to a junkyard is always a good idea is that it helps to contribute to a greener earth.

Junkyards buy a car to scrap metal from them, and that metal is further recycled or reproduced – preventing environmental pollution at best.

While selling your old car online, there are chances that the buyer takes away valuable stuff.

They dump the remains into landfills – giving rise to the already existing pollution on planet earth.

Contrarily, junkyards are known for only scraping the cars for metal that could be further reproduced and recycling – leaving behind nothing to be dumped into the landfills. 

How to Sell Your Car to a Junkyard?

Now that you know all the reasons why selling your old vehicle to a junkyard is better than selling it online, you must be wondering how to do that. 

Well, it’s pretty simple. All you got to do is look around for a junkyard services provider.

Get the estimated car value.

Most junkyards provide free towing services, and so, you just have to sit at home while they do their job and hand you over some handsome cash at the same time. 

Things To Take Care of Before Handing Over Car To Junkyard

But before you hand over the car to a junkyard, there are certain things you must take care of –

  • Check your car thoroughly to ensure none of your personal belongings are inside. As vehicles are like second homes for most people, the chances of leaving behind things and forgetting about them is a common practice. It’s better to recover your lost items before the car is gone, or you’ll only be able to regret it. 
  • Take away the precious or semi-working components of your car, such as the media, engine, battery, and so on. Junkyards would only pay you for the metal in your car, which they could scrap; the rest of your car’s components would be of no use to them. So, it’s always a good idea to sell them separately to an auto repair shop and make some extra cash. 
  • Another important thing to do before handing the car to a junkyard is to assemble your documentation. Though most junkyards accept cars without the paperwork, it’s always a good idea to legally transfer the title to the junkyard’s owner and get completely rid of the vehicle.
  • This can save you from being responsible for anything that might happen to the car after you’ve handed it over to the junkyard. 
  • At the time of picking your junkyard, be specific about certain details. Ensure that the junkyard is registered, offers the best value against your car, has an instant-cash policy, and most importantly, provides a self-towing facility in the package.
  • A junkyard with all the features would help you sell a junk car at the ease of few taps without calling in for a lot of your time and effort. 

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