10 Ways Illustrations Help in Marketing Your Small Business

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Your business will always have competitors, regardless of its industry/niche. You need to come up with something new to make your business stand out from the competition. This is where unique marketing strategies make all the difference.

Art can do what words can’t. You can express your brand using art that also depicts your brand. And for that, an illustration is the best choice.

Before stepping into how illustrations can help with the brand’s marketing, let’s begin with what an illustration basically is.

What is An Illustration?

An illustration is a small piece of art that visually represents the text, idea, concept, or process. It is a visualization of an idea made by an illustrator. What makes an illustration distinct from a random drawing is that an illustration explains something. It explains the idea without using any words.

Illustrations are Different from Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing and Illustration Designing are different. Although both belong to the creative field, they both differ in multiple ways. Graphic designing is for element design & structure purposes, whereas illustration design is for creative interpretation. Even if you have a graphic designer to create the visuals for your site, you still need to hire the best illustration designers to design custom illustration designs.

How Businesses Can Use Illustrations

Illustrations are great for capturing the visitors’ attention and adding a touch of personalization to the content. Here, we have compiled 8 different ways businesses use illustrations:

  • Poster Illustrations
  • Blog Post Illustrations
  • Product Illustrations
  • Feature Illustrations
  • Promotional Posts
  • Social Media/Website Illustrations
  • Illustrations for Infographics
  • Packaging Design Illustrations

Different Ways Illustration Designs Improve the Marketing Process

Illustrations are often considered something that is kept for creative purposes only, such as in book covers, novels, comics, etc. However, an illustration can benefit your business too. Therefore, we have summarized the top 9 ways illustrations help in boosting your brand’s marketing process:

1. Illustrations Are Unique

Illustration can help with the brand development process by adding a hint of personalization. Most of the brands use stock images, including your competitors. You set your brand apart from them using illustrations. As a result, it makes your brand recognizable and unique. You can be as creative as you want with the illustrations. It makes your brand memorable to the viewers.

2. It Speaks for The Brand

Custom illustrations designed as per the brand’s requirements act as a powerful medium to speak for the brand. Moreover, these small art pieces create a huge impact on the audiences’ minds by leaving a lasting impression. Firstly, the illustration designs will help the viewers become familiar with your brand. Secondly, it will give your business a competitive edge.

3. Conveys What Can’t Be Said Concisely

Viewers are not interested in reading long texts. Some things cannot be said in just a few words, such as brand story, mission, values, etc. Your copy will lose its compelling tone if you start adding all this information. This is where Illustration designs come to the rescue. An illustration speaks based on the brand voice. It helps the viewer understand what is not present in a written form.

4. Improves the Brand Recognition

Every piece of illustration has its own persona. Illustrations play a crucial role in marketing by improving brand recognition as human minds process these quickly. It evokes a strong response from the audience and helps them retain information. Fascinating content along with captivating illustrations helps the public become familiar with your brand.

5. Stands Out in the Crowd

Your brand will not reach sky heights if you limit yourself to stock photos. Set your brand apart from the competitors, and your brand will witness immense growth. Bespoke illustration designs reflect your brand’s identity and breathe life into your marketing techniques. These illustrations are great to appeal to the audience.

6. Complex Ideas Simplification

Explaining your ideas through words is frustrating and time-consuming. It bores both the reader and the writer. Fortunately, creative illustrations can make complicated concepts simpler. It ensures the reflection of the complex idea as well as the brand persona. A custom illustration design increases the number of potential customers by explaining the brand message effectively.

7. Conveys Your Message Effectively

Illustrations are usually found in books to help the readers understand ideas that are difficult to clarify using words. The motive behind illustrations’ use is that human brands are quicker to pick visual information. A customized illustration design helps in conveying the brand message to the audience. It helps the audience connect with the brand and conveys the message concisely.

8. Brings More Online Traffic

Illustrations grab the attention of the viewers. It also enhances the on-site time by retaining audiences’ attention. It attracts audiences and lures them into visiting your site. Most importantly, visual content is shareable, which means that the viewers can share your illustrations or infographics, increasing site traffic.

9. Keeps The Audiences Wired

You must have heard that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is true. People love illustrations. It helps them comprehend even complicated ideas and information in an instant. Illustrations are engaging and are an effective way of transferring information. But, keep in mind that the illustrations you use are eye-appealing and depict your brand message.

10. Overcomes the Language Barrier

Why limit your brand’s message to only a single language when you can use illustrations and remove the language barrier? Illustrations have a universal language. Customized illustration designs convey messages that everybody understands as no language is involved. It lets people all over the world engage with your business and learn about your brand. Hence, illustrations are effective in solving communication issues.

Final Words

Researchers conclude that viewers only retain 10% of the wordy information. When that information is paired with visuals, the statistics rise to 65%. This shows how important visuals are for information retention. Similarly, in the brand marketing process, the primary motive is to improve brand recognition and increase revenues. Illustrations can help your brand achieve this motive. It eliminates the robotic tone and transforms it into a client-centric manner. In conclusion, using illustrations can improve the brand marketing and development process.

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